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America’s Comeback Tour 2021 with Nigel Farage

Friday, May 14

Event Details:
Friday, May 14th
Doors 6PM
Event 7PM

Ticket Prices:
Advance Ticket Prices: $15
Day of Show: $20

About Nigel Farage…
A veteran grassroots campaigner, Nigel Farage was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and fought an inspirational battle for decades to take Britain out of the European Union. His staunch nationalism and unapologetic populism made him a darling of the working classes, and a formidable opponent to the comfortably corrupt cronyism of the European Union in Brussels. His appeal to the forgotten men and women of Britain was instrumental in forcing the Brexit vote in 2016, a vote which saw national pride and the average people triumph over London elitism and globalist fear-mongering. Nigel remained active in British politics to ensure that Brexit means Brexit, which was eventually achieved in January 2020. As America stands facing her own crisis of leadership, Nigel is headed to the heartlands of the USA, with a message of hope and courage for these tumultuous time.

Sponsored by Stand Up Michigan
Stand Up Michigan, is a Grass Roots organization dedicated to provide additional resources in equipping and empowering We the People. With your support, we will be even more effective in caring and giving a greater voice to your stories, informing and providing you with insightful information, and activating you to become part of the solution in standing with We The People of Michigan.

**This is a political protest protected under the 1st Amendment of the United States constitution**