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Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Expo

Saturday, November 02
Show | 10am
1 day pass $10/2 day pass $17

Saturday, November 2nd: 10AM-7PM

Sunday, November 3rd: 10AM-6PM

Daily Pass $10/Weekend Pass $17 (12 & under are free)

Experienced Holistic Healers, Mediums & Intuitives from across the US & Canada. Angel readers, tarot, aura photos, stones, crystals, pet communicators, body workers, crystal healers, spirit artists, numerology, aromatherapy, astrologists, palmistry, essential oils, holistic products, drums & flutes,  jewelry, minerals and more!!! 

The expo is looking for volunteers, please email healingbodyandspiritexpo@gmail.com.

Visit www.healingbodyandspirit.com for more information.

Parking $7 (cash only).