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Map & Directions to The DeltaPlex



  • The DeltaPlex offers convenient on-site parking with available accessible parking (first-come first-serve). There is one main entrance (by the marquee) into the DeltaPlex lot which is accessible via Turner Avenue or West River Drive.
  • Parking fee varies by event, please visit the event calendar for your specific events details
  • EXITING: Pay attention as you leave, as there may be additional and more convenient gates open for exiting at the North and South ends of the lot.


  • The parking lot generally opens ½ hour to 1 hour prior to the listed event time.
  • Tailgating, glass and open alcohol is not allowed in the lot or property
  • No re-admission to the parking lot.
  • Parking/accessible parking is available and is first-come first-serve.


  • Please do not drop-off or pick-up passengers in the main circle drive or lanes of traffic.
  • If being picked up from a busy event, have your ride arrive prior to the anticipated end and park at the South end of the lot for the easiest way in and out and avoiding the congestion and heavy traffic of the main parking lot entrance.
  • RIDE SHARE APPS:  If using ride share app, have driver pull out of traffic when dropping off. 
    • For pick-up at the end of a busy event, it is often easier & much faster to instruct driver to pick you up on Hillside Drive (the road behind the DeltaPlex) or at the South parking gate and avoiding the main parking entrance traffic congestion. 



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